After Orientation and Course Selection Day

Once you have completed your Orientation & Course Selection Day, you still have a number of responsibilities to fulfill. Follow the links below – or use the menu on the left – to navigate to CNMS Advising’s recommended follow-up tasks to complete prior to the start of your first semester.

  • All Incoming Students
  • Freshman Admits This includes all students who applied and were accepted to UMBC by the Freshman Admission process, regardless of the class standing that they have after the application of any AP/IB/CLEP or dual-enrollment credit
  • Transfer Admits

Other helpful hints:

  • If you would like to share information about your courses, schedule, alerts, etc., with others (e.g., parents, study group members, car-pool partners), please use myUMBC’s Profile Sharing function! This feature allows you to grant customized access to information in your student account to another person through their myUMBC student account, or through a Guest Account (Facebook or Google sign-in required) without compromising the security of your UMBC account by sharing your password. Profile Sharing is also adjustable – you may grant, alter, and rescind access for others at any time!
  • When contacting any UMBC faculty or staff member by email, you should use your UMBC email account.  By doing so, you help us protect the privacy of your academic records, and comply with the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For some tips and tricks to composing an effective email, read this article from Paul T. Corrigan and Cameron Hunt McNabb on Inside Higher Ed.
  • If you worked directly with an advisor from your Department on O&CS Day, you may wish to contact him or her first. However, be aware that he or she may refer you to another member of your Department, or to a CNMS Advising staff member.
  • During peak O&CS Day times – January, June, July, and August – the best way to contact the CNMS Advising staff with questions is through our main email address:
  • Trying to get ahead of the game? Check out CNMS Advising’s “Five Things…” Series, for a month-by-month list of timely tips and tricks!

Other resources that may interest you:

The Office of Undergraduate Education – Information about UMBC’s undergraduate academic experience, including First-Year Programs for freshmen and transfers, Academic Policies, and Undergraduate Research

Off-Campus Student Services – Programs and services for our commuter students, plus special opportunities for our veterans and transfer students