Academic Assistance

One of the best attributes that UMBC students have is their willingness to seek out academic help.

It’s not just the students who are in danger of failing a course who take this initiative; students in our Scholars programs routinely look for assistance when they realize that they are not reaching their full academic potential.

Students can seek out academic assistance in a number of different ways:

  • Asking questions about material during class
  • Participating in online discussion boards and chats
  • Joining formal (meaning, on a regularly scheduled basis) and informal study groups with other students
  • Consulting their course syllabus and Blackboard site for resources that have been recommended by the course instructor
  • Visiting Professors and Teaching Assistants (TAs) during their office hours
  • Emailing Professors and TAs
  • Utilizing the services of the following Departmental Tutorial Centers:
  • Utilizing the services of the Learning Resources Center, including the Math Lab, the Writing Center, and the PASS_SI program
  • Utilizing the services of Student Disability Services
  • Visiting Academic Advisors during their office hours

Not sure where to find these resources on campus? Use CNMS Advising’s UMBC Campus Guide!