Study Hall

Throughout the fall and spring semesters, CNMS Advising hosts weekly study hall sessions for students registered for introductory-level biology (141/142) and chemistry (101/102) classes. These are monitored, distraction-free sessions where students can study independently or as a group in a quiet, conducive learning space — The Learning Collaboratory in UC 115.


During study hall, you are free to use one of the room’s many whiteboards and CNMS advisors will be present to answer any questions you may have about effective study methods. We will also be providing practice problems/study guides for the chapters you are covering each week!


3- 5 PM



9- 11 AM



2:30- 3:45 PM

**PLEASE NOTE** Tutors will NOT be present at study hall sessions! For more support along these lines, please utilize the Academic Success Center’s resources. 



Periodically, CNMS Advising hosts study group socials for students registered for BIOL 141 and CHEM 101. The objective of these events are to facilitate a space where students share their schedules/availability and form their own, independent study groups. This is ideal for on campus and commuter students alike! Additional dates will be released soon and typically take place around significant exam periods (midterms/finals, etc.).


For more information and event reminders — be sure to follow CNMS Advising on myUMBC and Instagram.