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Student Success

Your college experience offers so many unique opportunities, possibilities and challenges, which is both exciting and stressful. The CNMS Student Success Coach/Advisor, meets with students to discuss their interests, goals, strengths and weaknesses and develop a plan for improvement and success. We all need a support system, and they can serve as someone to help you stay accountable to reaching your potential. You can learn a little bit more success coaching in the video below!

The Student Success Coach offers video resources, group workshops and meets one-on-one with students to help you improve your STEM learning strategies, develop effective study habits, build academic resilience and find balance between your academic and non-academic commitments.

Student Success Meetings can be scheduled soon. Meetings can range in topic of anything related to the success of the student including, but not limited to:

    • Navigating online coursework
    • Active learning strategies
    • Transitioning to College
    • Developing connections on campus
    • Time management
    • Learning about important campus resources
    • Test preparation and test-taking strategies
    • Managing test anxiety
    • Stress Management
    • and much more!

In the interim, we recommend making an appointment for a Academic Success Meeting with the Academic Success Center, as well as reviewing the vast opportunities for support through the Academic Success Center including tutoring, SI PASS, Academic Advocacy and much more!