Registration Advising

Registration Advising occurs prior to a student’s registration for the next Fall or Spring term. Typically, it occurs during the weeks just before and during Advance Registration. All degree-seeking students must consult with an academic advisor each semester to obtain advising clearance for the next semester.

Students should be prepared to discuss the following topics during Registration Advising:

  • Short-term academic and personal goals, and how achieving these may help bring the student closer to their long-term professional and personal goals
  • Current grades in their courses-in-progress, and predicted final grades for those courses
  • Academic strengths, and how they plan to capitalize on them
  • Academic weaknesses, and how they plan to compensate for them
  • The amount of time that they have committed to other responsibilities (e.g., work, family, commuting, Student Orgs., etc)
  • A proposed schedule/course list for the next Fall/Spring semester, and any Summer/Winter courses that they are considering (if applicable). Additional plans for semesters beyond that can also be helpful.
  • Questions they have about advising-related matters

In order to help students gather these thoughts together, CNMS Advising has developed a Registration Advising Preparation Worksheet. Many advisors in CNMS require that their advisees complete this form (or something similar) prior to their Registration Advising appointment/consultation.

Registration Advising does not include the student’s actual registration for classes. Students are expected to complete that process on their own. There is an instruction guide and how-to video available that walks students through the course registration process, if they need to be reminded of the process.