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Before Orientation and Course Selection Day

Your Orientation & Course Selection (O&CS) Day will be packed full of information and opportunities to connect with students, faculty and staff. In order to be as efficient as possible with the limited time that you have for each activity, CNMS Advising asks that you complete this list of activities prior to your O&CS Day. Click on the link – or use the menu on the left – to see more details about completing the task.

In addition to this list, you may also wish to watch UMBC’s video tutorials on Searching the Schedule of Classes and Adding/Registering for a Class, to familiarize yourself with these processes. You’ll get some help with registration on your Orientation Day, but you’ll be expected to handle the mechanics of adding and dropping classes on your own after that!

Students with documented needs for accommodations – sign language interpreters, longer time on tests, note-taking assistance, etc. – should initiate contact with Student Disability Services. See the SDS web site for more information.

For a list of things to do after your Orientation & Course Selection Day, follow this link.