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Gather Additional Documentation to Bring With You

This may include:

  • Official score reports from AP, IB, or CLEP testing. Transfer students who applied AP/IB/CLEP credit to requirements at their previous institution should be sure to bring their score reports for evaluation according to UMBC’s credit eligibility standards, as the credit awarded is subject to change.
  • Official/Unofficial transcripts from all previous institutions. This is particularly important for transfer students whose grades from their most recent semester at another institution have not been received and/or processed by UMBC.
  • Syllabi from all math and science courses taken at out-of-state institutions. If your syllabi are in a language other than English, please have them translated.
  • Official High School transcripts documenting your foreign language experience, if not already submitted. This is particularly helpful for transfer students who completed through Level 4 in a foreign language in High School, but were not asked to submit a High School transcript as part of their UMBC application, and for first-time freshmen who had Level 4 in progress when they applied to UMBC. Students whose native language is something other than English may qualify for a Language Proficiency Waiver – see this information from the Department of Modern Languages, Linguistics, and Intercultural Communication for details on that process.

In the cases of AP/IB/CLEP scores, transcripts from other colleges and universities, and course syllabi, accessing those records electronically on O&CS Day is acceptable. However, relying on the ability to access electronic records on O&CS Day can leave a student’s ability to meet course pre-requisites vulnerable to technical issues beyond UMBC’s control (e.g., server failure or power outage at the student’s previous institution). Hard copies are always your best bet!

Transfer students: If you are bringing in math or science coursework from an out-of-state college or university (including international institutions), it may be to your advantage to submit your coursework for evaluation for direct equivalency before you come to O&CS Day – in particular, those courses that you need to meet major requirements. Check UMBC’s Transfer Evaluation System (TES) database to see if any of the courses that you are transferring are listed. A course’s appearance in the TES database does not guarantee you that particular course equivalency, but it can be used to give you a sense of how your out-of-state coursework may transfer. To have coursework that does not appear in TES evaluated by the proper UMBC Department, complete an “Evaluation of Transfer  Credit/Course Description Review” cover sheet for each course syllabus, and follow the form’s instructions to submit this documentation to the Transfer Services division in UMBC’s Registrar’s Office.