Document Your Aptitude in Mathematics

All entering CNMS majors are strongly encouraged to take the online Math Placement Assessment BEFORE their scheduled Orientation Session regardless of any potential transfer coursework or AP/IB//CLEP credit. This will allow for an actionable math placement and course recommendations on the student’s registration day.

Once the student has signed up for Orientation through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, the student will automatically receive instructions for completing their placement test in their confirmation email. If the student’s Math skills are not documented, they will be prevented from registering for any STEM courses. CNMS Advising recommends that students complete their Math Placement Assessment at least one week before your registration day.

Potential Exceptions

  • The student can show an original College Board score report on their registration day, documenting an AP Calculus AB or BC score of 3 or higher. 
  • Official documentation of CLEP or IB scores that qualify a student for credit for MATH151 are also acceptable – see the Appendices of the Undergraduate Catalog for more details on qualifying scores for those exams.
  • The student can produce a transcript on their registration day showing that they have completed a transferable (credit bearing) course with an earned grade of “C” or better in the Calculus sequence. 
    • Examples include: College Algebra, Pre-Calculus (students with a two-part Pre-Calculus must have both parts complete), Calculus I, or higher.

Important note for students with pending AP Calculus scores – Please note that College Board AP scores from the current year are not available to students until July, and are not reported electronically to UMBC until mid-to-late July. Students whose only Calculus AB or BC scores will be from the current year must take the Math Placement Assessment prior to their Registration Day. Similar score reporting timelines exist for students who plan to use IB or CLEP scores in lieu of Math Placement. 


Important Facts about the Math Placement Exam

  • If the student’s transfer coursework or AP/IB/CLEP scores change the courses we originally recommend to them, the student will have the ability to adjust their schedule accordingly.
  • If the student’s Math Placement score and their AP/IB/CLEP scores or transfer coursework result in different levels of math course eligibility, UMBC will allow the student to use the better of those results.
  • Statistics coursework or AP Statistics alone cannot be used by CNMS majors as a substitute for Math Placement.
  • UMBC does not accept documented SAT or ACT scores as a substitute for the Math Placement Assessment.
  • You can retake your Math Placement exam if you feel that the score does not accurately depict your abilities.


For more detailed information about the Math Placement exam, please visit the Math Placement Website