Freshman Admits

  • Make sure that a final copy of your high school transcript has been sent to UMBC. This is particularly important for students who had Level 4 of a foreign language in progress when they applied to UMBC – completion through Level 4 of a foreign language in high school fulfills UMBC’s Foreign Language Proficiency requirement for the General Education Program (GEP).
  • Submit scores for any AP, IB, or CLEP exams that you may have taken (UMBC’s CEEB code is 5835). Refer to the Appendices of the Undergraduate Catalog for information on the minimum score requirements for receiving credit.
  • If, while in high school, you completed college credit through a dual-enrollment program (or similar program), please check with your high school guidance counselor or program coordinator to find out how information about that credit will be shared with UMBC. Some high schools will include the information from the dual-enrollment institution when they provide your high school transcript. Other high schools may require you to make a request to your dual-enrollment institution to have your official transcript sent directly from that institution to UMBC (rather than through the high school).