Transfer Admits

  • Make sure that a final copy of your transcript from each previous college or university – with ALL grades posted – has been sent to UMBC. This is particularly important for students who had coursework in progress at the time they applied to UMBC.
  • If you completed through Level 4 of a foreign language during high school, but were not asked to submit a high school transcript as part of your application to UMBC, you should submit that transcript now. Completion through Level 4 of a foreign language in high school fulfills UMBC’s Foreign Language Proficiency requirement for the General Education Program (GEP).
  • Submit course syllabi to the Registrar’s Office for evaluation for any transfer coursework with a “More Info Needed” notation on your Transfer Credit Report, as well as for any courses identified by the advisors with whom you met during O&CS Day. For more information on the Course Evaluation Process, see the Registrar’s Office web site.
  • Submit scores for any AP, IB, or CLEP exams that you used for credit at your previous institution (UMBC’s CEEB code is 5835). Please note that UMBC does not honor the credit awarded by another institution for AP/IB/CLEP exams – the exam scores are re-evaluated based on UMBC’s own criteria. This may result in your AP credit being applied differently to your UMBC degree than it was at your previous institution, including no longer receiving credit for courses. Refer to the Appendices of the Undergraduate Catalog for information on the minimum score requirements for receiving credit.