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Look Over the Requirements for Your Intended Major

Follow the link(s) below to the Department that offers your intended major. If you have questions about these requirements, you can bring them to your O&CS Day, or reach out to the appropriate CNMS Advising Contacts.

Department of Biological Sciences – Undergraduate Programs

  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, B.S. (joint program with the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry)
  • Biological Sciences, B.A. or B.S.
  • Biology Education, B.A.
  • Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, B.S.

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry – Degrees Offered

  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, B.S. (joint program with the Department of Biological Sciences)
  • Chemistry, B.A. or B.S.
  • Chemistry Education, B.A.

Department of Mathematics & Statistics – Undergraduate Program

  • Mathematics, B.A. or B.S.
  • Statistics, B.S.

Department of Physics – Undergraduate Degree Programs

  • Physics, B.S.
  • Physics Education, B.A.

The CNMS is also home to the Department of Marine Biotechnology. However, this department does not offer any undergraduate-level degree programs. Students considering a career in Marine Biology may wish to prepare themselves for graduate study in that field by majoring in Biological Sciences, Environmental Science, or by developing their own program of study through UMBC’s Interdisciplinary Studies program. The Department of Marine Biotechnology does offer some opportunities for Undergraduate Research, both during the academic year and through special summer programs.

Transfer students: Please note that UMBC limits the number of times that a student may take any course to TWO (2) attempts. Attempts made at previous institutions are included in this count. In addition, notations/grades of “W” (course withdrawal) are also counted as attempts.  If, at the time of transfer, you have already exceeded the limit of attempts for a course required for your intended major – or will be required to exceed that limit in order to continue in that major – you may be automatically disqualified from pursuing that major.

If you are looking for UMBC’s majors in Environmental Science, Environmental Studies, or Geography, they are offered by the Department of Geography & Environmental Systems, in the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (CAHSS).

Students who are planning to apply to professional school after UMBC should also familiarize themselves with the information published by the UMBC Department that provides supplementary advising for their professional goals: