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Document Your Aptitude in English/Writing

English Placement Testing is required for any student who will need to take ENGL100 (or ENGL110, for non-native speakers of English) to meet UMBC’s English Composition requirement for graduation, and whose documented relevant SAT (or ACT) scores do not meet the standards set forth by UMBC’s Learning Resources Center.

Transfer students who have taken coursework in English Composition at their previous institution should investigate whether their coursework has already been evaluated for equivalency to ENGL100/110. Students with coursework originating from a Maryland Community College should begin their investigation using ARTSYS. Students with coursework originating from any other institution (within Maryland or out-of-state) should begin their investigation using UMBC’s Course Articulation Database (known as TES).

Please be aware that UMBC asks students to complete their English Composition requirement within their first 30 credits taken at UMBC. If your test scores or coursework do not meet UMBC’s English Composition requirement, be sure to follow up with the Learning Resources Center about possible English Placement testing immediately.